Why DBA Should Become a Power BI Ninja? Part 1

Speaker: Grzegorz Stolecki

Level: 300

Tell us what happened yesterday between 2 and 3 pm? Server was almost dead, a simple report took 20 minutes to execute. Nightmare. As DBA you hear such questions very often. So you start to work.. You take tools like Data Collector or Query Store (maybe their databases, because you are truly SQL expert) and you start to crunch all these data. Oh, right, you also have WhoIsActive table with millions of rows, some recorded DMV snapshots. A lot of tools, a lot of data, a lot of queries taking all these stuff to one place – a wide table with numbers and XMLs.. Data from many sources, reports, drill-down, aggregate. Yes, you know those buzzwords – simply Business Intelligence. So why not to use a good BI tool to make your work more effective and faster? During my session I will show you tool I use daily in such cases:Power BI. You will learn how to collect performance data from different SQL Server components and tools (especially WhoIsActive by Adam Machanic), apply some transformations. Then how to prepare an analytical model and some cool visualisations which will answer the question – what was happened? This is two-part session. During the first part you will learn about possible performance data sources and formats and how to build an analytical model in Power BI.

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