SQL Server Query Tuning & Optimization

Speaker: Benjamin Nevarez

This full-day seminar will show you how to optimize SQL Server queries and create high-performance applications.
You will learn about the inner workings of the query processor so you can write better queries and provide the query processor with the quality information it needs to produce efficient execution plans. You’ll also get tips for troubleshooting underperforming queries.
Topics include:
– Understand how the query optimizer works
– Troubleshoot queries using extended events, SQL trace, dynamic management views (DMVs), the data collector, and other tools
– Work with query operators for data access, joins, aggregations, parallelism, and updates
– Speed up queries and dramatically improve application performance by creating the right indexes
– Understand statistics and how to detect and fix cardinality estimation errors
– Maximize OLTP query performance using In-Memory OLTP (Hekaton) features, including memory-optimized tables and natively compiled stored procedures
– Monitor and promote plan caching and reuse to improve application performance
– Improve the performance of data warehouse queries using columnstore indexes
– Handle query processor limitations with hints and other methods

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