Kick Start! SQL Server 2017/2019 Performance Tips and Tricks

Speaker: Pinal Dave

Level: 300

Every new release of SQL Server brings a whole load of new features that an administrator can add to their arsenal of efficiency. SQL Server 2017 has introduced many new features. This session is carefully crafted to help overcome the beginner’s inertia for DBAs who have been using SQL Server for a while but aren’t sure how to get started with the new features introduced in SQL Server 2017. Here is a glimpse of the features we will cover in this session: • Adaptive query plans • Batch mode adaptive join • New cardinality estimates for optimal performance • Indexing Improvements • Automatic Tuning • Memory optimizations At the end of the session, DBAs will learn 3 essential processes which can be game changers for their career. After implementing the suggestions discussed in this session, DBAs will have extra time to handle more pressing issues which they were not able to focus on earlier. This 60 minutes will be the most productive time for any DBA or Developer.

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